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MGT PetrOil Company as a dominant producer, supplier and exporter of several petrochemical products in the Middle East, is located in Iran. MGT PetrOil Company is highly experienced in exporting especially in case of Methanol supplying.



Table 1. Three Representative Alkane-Derived Alcohols

Molecular Structure

Systematic Name

Common Name

Liquid Freezing Point

Liquid Boiling Point



Methyl alcohol; wood alcohol

-144°F (-97°C)

149°F (65°C)



Ethyl alcohol; grain alcohol3

-175°F (-115°C)

172.4°F (78°C)


2-Propanol (Isopropanol)

Isopropyl alcohol

-194.8°F (-126°C)

206.6°F (97°C)



If mishandled, methanol poses hazards to life safety. It is flammable, toxic, reactive with alkali metals and strong oxidants, and 100% miscible in water. These properties necessitate specific measures in handling and storage, as discussed in more detail in future sections.


Methanol Production



Fig 2.  Methanol production by one-step reforming


Fig 3.  Methanol production by two-step reforming


Fig 4.  Methanol production by ATR




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